Private Lessons

Once we have an understanding of what your goals are, we contour the lessons to those goals. We start by learning about your musical instrument. When we start singing, we will use music that interests you, or specific songs that you are learning for a performance, an audition or just for the joy of it.

The fee is $25 for a half hour and $45 for 50 min.  Please feel free to record the lessons with your cell or some other device.  Douglas County Students: Ask about FREE lessons!


The Annex  1572 Highway 395, Minden, NV. 89423 

The Lizard Lounge Music Store  1302 Langley Dr, Gardnerville, NV. 89460

Play Your Own Music  112 E John St, Carson City, NV. 89706 

Private Skype Lessons

Singing lessons transfer really well to SKYPE because, once again, we are not a linear instrument. We teach voice by painting verbal pictures and by making the sounds that we want the student to make. The students learn by listening and then trying to make the sounds using the techniques (taught by verbal pictures) that we discuss. So yeah, all that translates well to skype. 

The fee is $25 for a half hour and $45 for 50 min.  Please feel free to record the lessons.  Douglas County Students: Ask about FREE lessons! 

Group Classes

Group classes vary depending on the group. They will be listed here and if you sign up for our email, we'll notify you of what classes are going on.  Douglas County Students: Ask about FREE classes! 


Group Classes on How to Audition for Musicals

Auditions can be scary, yet the last thing you want to do is act scared. What the heck? I know, but here's the thing; If you are going to be an actor, than start acting the moment you walk in to the audition. Act confident but not cocky, act like you are having fun. The song selection is critical. What you want to avoid is... Well check out the class (=

If you have NEVER been involved in theater, this is the perfect place to start. You don't have to do anything but watch and listen, but get ready to make friends because as a group, "Theater Kids" are the most friendly, accepting, kind, creative, sassy, supportive people you will ever meet. Once a "Theater Kid," always a "Theater Kid."

The classes will be held: November 9th from 9 AM. to 11 AM., for elementary students and 12 NOON till 2 PM for junior high and high School students. 

Then on December 7th, from 9 am. to 12 noon, will be a "Final Audition Class" where you can do your audition piece and receive any  last minute suggestions or pointers prior to auditions for Carson Valley Community Theatre's productions of Putnam County Spelling Bee and Nunsense II.

Classes will be given by your's truly handling the singing side and Dr. Diana Jones, handling the acting side, along with  a supporting cast of experienced directors and producers. I am psyched!