But Beautiful

My favorite Jimmie Van Heusen song; "But Beautiful." For my voice students; note the intentional use of no vibrato in certain parts. When I talk about finding ways to show off your instrument, this is the type of thing I mean. Holding a note, in tune, without vibrato is respected by musicians and it sounds cool.

All Blues

My favorite Miles Davis vocal tune. Caution: Copious improvisation (scat singing) ensues.

Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me

One of my favorite Duke Ellington songs. The improvisation was inspired by a guitar. "Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me."

Make It Rain

When I heard this song I absolutely had to record it. I started out as a blues singer and once a blues singer, always a blues singer. This song speaks to me on so many levels.  "Make It Rain." 

Marsh Sings

This is a song I wrote with a pop feel for my solo album. "Crystalline." Originally I had named it "Heavens' Here," but I got complaints from religious folks saying it was showing up in their searches and they didn't think it was appropriate. I totally get that.

Mermaid or Merlot

This is a song that I wrote in about two hours, after listening to a Michael Franks album. It's a story about seeing a mermaid and... well just listen to it, it's too hard to explain (=  I originally named it The Mermaid Song, but there already was a Mermaid Song, so I went with "Mermaid or Merlot."  If you like story songs about the beach, check out "Mr. Moon."

Can of Fish and a Loaf of Bread

Figured I'd show a different side here. Do you like my ballet pose? This an improvised rapjazz fusion thing I came up with while I was playing around with a loop machine and a voice effects box. A loop machine allows you to record specific parts of your performance and then play it back when you want it. "Can of Fish and a Loaf of Bread."

A Night at The Firkin & Fox

This was a special night at The Firkin & Fox, now called The Fox, still owned by Jim Phalan. It was special because of who was playing and also because of the two characters sitting at the bar. 

On piano: Peter Supersano, on harmonica; Tom Stryker, on drums; Dennis Steele, on sax; Rick Metz, on bass, my bass hero: "Chuck The Snake" Delaura. At the bar, our favorites; Steve and  Jerry.  Thanks Jim Phalan, that was truly a special night.

Make It Up As You Go

I wrote this song a while back when electronic harmonies were all the rage. They aren't anymore. Wanna hear why? Listen to "Make It Up As You Go."

Mr. Moon

Here is another beach story song. Every time I start missing the beach, these songs find their way into existence. When I was little, I used to grab our dog Holly and go out in the field and talk to the moon, who I referred to respectfully as "Mr. Moon." But this song isn't about that. It's about; Boy meets girl, girl vanishes, girl comes back and everyone lives happily ever after. Ooops, I gave the ending away. "Mr. Moon."