photo of marsh brodeur

Professional Recording Artist, Vocalist and Vocal Coach

Full time musician and vocal coach. 

Teaches Singing and Vocal Performance / Beginner to Masters Level.

Being an active musician and performer allows me to give "real world" advice and to make the lessons pertinent and more meaningful. When a student can come out and see the teacher perform in the real world, it lends credibility to what the teacher is trying to express to the student.

Vocal Consultant to HBO

Vocal Consultant to HBO's Cat House series. (The NYC Dream Sequence Song and Dance Episode).

2017-2018 Forte Award for Top Male Vocalist

To win this award is truly an honor because we are judged by our fans as well as our peers in the Reno - Carson - Tahoe Area. To be chosen by fellow professional musicians means a lot.

Vocal/Choral Director / Children and Adult Musical Theater

I work with the singers, under the direction of the Music Director.  

Artist/Vocal Coach in Residence for CVCT

 I work with the officers of Carson Valley Community Theater to perform and produce shows as well as working with Dr. Diana Jones in support of the Children's Theater and Children's Musical Theater.

A Skype Lecture on A Bobby McFerrin Technique

This is a lecture that I did as a result of one of my Skype (college-age) students asking me to explain how Bobby McFerrin manages to sound like three different instruments while improvising (scat singing). 

Kathy was doing a paper on Bobby for her music theory class. I learned a lot while making this video because I had never really broken down McFerrin's technique, or more precisely, ONE of his many techniques.